Justin's Guide to Taekwon-Do

Tae: To jump, kick or smash with the foot
Kwon: To punch with the fist
Do: An art, a way of life

Taekwon-Do is the scientific use of the body in the method of self defence; a body that has gained the ultimate use of its facilities through intensive physical and mental training.

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Flying Side Kick

History of Taekwon-Do
A brief history of Taekwon-Do.

Meaning of patterns.

Taekwon-Do Terminology
Taekwon-Do terminology in English and Korean.

Taekwon-Do in Singapore
The Taekwon-Do scene in Singapore.

Tenets of Taekwon-Do and The Student Oath
Explanation of the Tenets and Student Oath.

System of Rank
Meaning of belt colours and Black Belt Dan ranks.

Taekwon-Do articles, advice and tips.

Links to Taekwon-Do and related websites.