Taekwon-Do Articles

Taekwon-Do Trivia
Interesting facts related to Taekwon-Do.

The Dobok
The reasons for wearing the dobok and a discussion of the origin of the dobok.

Ahn Chang-Ho compiled by Danny Alberts
A brief biography of the Korean patriot Ahn Chang-Ho. The pattern Do-San was named after him.

Authencity Needs No Justification by G. Berruel
An article about authentic Taekwon-Do.

Competition Tips by Travis Young
Competition tips for both sparring and patterns.

Workout Program for Taekwon-Do by Damian LaVoice
A workout program to improve strength and endurance.

Bodyweight Exercises by Craig Stovall
Interesting and unusual body weight exercises.

The Journey to Black Belt by Michael J. Boyd
This is about how getting a Black Belt changes a person and that age is no barrier to success in Taekwon-Do.